Public Relations

make your company famous in a positive way

Do you want to make your company famous in a positive way? If so, the way to accomplish it is through public relations. A great definition of public relations is “doing good things and then telling people about them.“ With her journalism background, Susan Pepperdine has a “nose for news” and constantly searches for “good things” to publicize about your company or organization:

  • New products and services
  • New employees or promotions
  • Awards and recognition
  • Major anniversaries
  • Moves or expansions
  • Human-interest stories
  • Contests & winners
  • Special events and charity tie-ins
  • Good corporate citizenship (such as environmental efforts)

Pepperdine & Associates also watches for trends, so we can show how your company is at the forefront of an industry trend. We’ll place stories in the media that will best reach your customers and prospects.

Below are some samples showing PR successes for our clients:

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Champions of Business – Country Club Bank


St. Peter’s Church-TV