Marketing Communications

Words work!

Even in today’s visual world, words are essential. A video still starts with a script, and a brochure starts with copy.

All of your company’s communications need content that is crisp, clear and conveys your message. That’s the goal of Pepperdine & Associates when writing copy for your marketing communications projects, including:

  • Web sites
  • Brochures & fliers
  • Newsletters & magazines
  • Annual reports
  • Videos & presentations
  • Direct marketing pieces

To come up with the right words, Pepperdine & Associates considers the WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?“ That’s what your customers and prospects want to know. So keep making it clear what you can do for them – today and tomorrow and for months and years to come.

Here are some samples of marketing communications projects for our clients:

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Rita Sterrett & Associates Keller Williams Realty Partners Inc.

American Century Investments

KC Direct Marketing Association Silver Award Winner

KC Direct Marketing Association Silver Award Winner

North Kansas City Hospital