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Happy 100, Hallmark

Working at Hallmark Cards was one of the best things I ever did. I gained lifelong friends along with great experience…and even the opportunity to meet actor Richard Chamberlain when he toured Hallmark while promoting “Hamlet” for the Hallmark Hall of Fame.

I knew 2010 was the century-mark for the company. So when I saw the articles in The Kansas City Star on the actual anniversary, Jan. 10, I decided to write a letter-to-the-editor. It is in the Jan. 20, 2010, edition:

Happy 100, Hallmark

Happy 100th anniversary, Hallmark! When I was growing up in Quincy, Ill., my mother “cared enough” to buy only Hallmark cards, and so did I except for the occasions when I created my own “Smallmark” cards. So I guess it was fate that soon after college I would welcome the opportunity to work at Hallmark.

I often thought what a privilege it was to work for a company that promoted love and caring — something the world definitely needs. When I moved on after 11 years in public relations, sales promotion and Crown Center advertising, I wrote a thank-you letter to then-president Don Hall and received a gracious response.

Now, once again, I say, “Thank you, Hallmark.” Because of Hallmark Cards, current and former Hallmarkers are better people. Kansas City is a more livable city.” And the world is a better place.

I hope success is always “in the cards.”

I have heard from one of my Hallmark friends, Carol Gibson, that she loved the letter so much she posted it on the retiree Web site.

Have you written a thank-you note lately? It will brighten someone’s day. As “60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney has said: “I’ve learned that just one person saying to me,‘You’ve made my day!’ makes my day.”

Besides, it’s good PR!

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