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Today, technology saves your car battery—tomorrow, it could save your child

My op-ed for TIME Inc., published July 29, 2014 If Cars Can Monitor Left-On Headlights and Rear Obstructions, They Should Be Able To Save Trapped Kids’ Lives Susan Pepperdine Today, technology …

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Ensure right to vote: Letter in June 28 Kansas City Star

The Supreme Court says money is free speech. Surely our votes are free speech too. There should be no prior restraint on our free speech right to vote. Republicans are …

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Letter to Kansas City Star

Here’s my letter published in The Kansas CIty Star business section (April 16, 2013): Keith Chrostowski’s recent Business Forum column titled “We want to buy cheap, be well paid” (March …

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Turning Down Clients You Can’t Fully Support

Should you turn down clients or stop working for companies if you disagree with their philosophy? In the recent Paula Deen controversy, her publicist Nancy Assuncao, resigned and said, “If …

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Presenting the Book, ‘Tour Guide to Missouri’s Civil War’

Through my grandmother Elizabeth Vandiver Selby, my family has a link to Missouri’s history. Her ancestor Willard Vandiver was the Missouri senator who in 1899 said, “I’m from Missouri. You …

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Turning the Page on a Year in Books: 2010

It’s been another great year in books. In varying degrees, they were entertaining, educational or enlightening. Often all three. I also joined another book club at midyear, bringing my total …

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“If it were my own money, would I spend it on this project?”

For years I have asked myself this question before making a recommendation to a client. In fact, I included it in a brochure to promote my newly founded business in …

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What Family-owned Businesspeople Learned from Dad and Mom

After I posed a question on The Family Owned Business Network, a LinkedIn discussion group, I found the responses both heartwarming and enlightening. I started by recounting advice from my …

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10 Tips for Getting the Most Benefits From Association Meetings

Associations have been very, very good to me. Here are just a few of the benefits I have gained:• I learned about a job opening at Hallmark during an industrial …

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What’s in a Name? What if you change it?

Your name is your brand, so what happens when you change it? This can be an important issue, especially for women, who may change their last names through marriage or …

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